The Italian Parliament passes a law on cyberbullying

On 17th of May 2017 the Italian Parliament approved the first law on cyberbullying. After nearly three years of parliamentary debate, the bill was approved by the House of Deputies with 462 votes in favour and only one abstention.

Main issues
The law:
provides, for the first time, a legal definition of cyberbullying;
creates a technical board among the Presidency of the Council of Ministers dedicated to the prevention of cyberbullying, which will provide a plan of action integrated with a code of self-regulation for social network service providers and network operators;
the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research will develop official guidelines to deal with cyberbullying, and it will provide training sessions in schools;
every school will appoint a dedicated ‘anti-bullying’ teacher, who will oversee the activities for the prevention of cyberbullying.

Practical actions
Each minor older than 14 years old who is a victim of cyberbullying or any person having the parental responsibility of a child is allowed to ask the data controller or the website/social network operator to obscure, remove or block any personal data of the minor which was unlawfully disseminated on the Internet; if in the following 24 hours the personal data are still available online, takedown requests may be brought before the Italian Data Protection Authority.

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